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"Amulet with a Lamashtu demon"

Date: ca. early 1st millennium B.C.
Geography: Mesopotamia or Iran
Medium: Obsidian
Dimensions: 2.26 x 1.83 in. (5.74 x 4.65 cm)

(Source:, via tallonmoon13)


Mira Schendel, Graphic Object, 1967


Three and Three Poems, 2013, prints

This piece is a triptych of prints of the same poem each in a different mode of representation. Each concept has been meticulously translated. It introduces Om (ॐ), the Vedic concept for the sacred and eternal hum of the universe, as a

verb. In highly reductive terms, the verb to om could be equated to a metaphysical aspect of the English verb ‘to be.’ The title is an homage and reference to Joseph Kosuth’s One and Three Chairs, 1965. 

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